3D Interactive Applications, Augmented Reality, Virtual & Mix Reality


Techfosys - We are the first company in India to commercialize 3D Interactions in Education domain. In 2013 we launched I-learning soft, it was developed by orchestrating text, image, audio, video, animation and interactivity. We have designed and developed several 3D Interactive applications, augmented reality and VRs for several corporate clients. Our Photo realistic development abilities keeps us unique among our competitors.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is an economical and ingenious way to engage with your audience/customers. Augmented reality and 3D interactive applications can be implemented in any business models either it could be an education domain or a manufacturing sector. We can define the further advancement in augmented reality as Virtual Reality and Mix reality.

We expertise in such a mechanism which help you to convey your message for your clients. When augment is done your product or report pop out of your smartphone or tablet literally. Let it be an equipage to build or a new building we can bring your brand/equipment closer to your consumers and even place them live as realistic imitation within the real ambience.

3D Interactive Applications

Instead of using walls of Texts to describe the content and images of different views of the same model, a single 3D interactive model can be used to get the job done in more efficient and creative way.

Research claims that many companies are facing 'inability of their sales team’ to convey their value story. Our 3D interactive applications can solve this story by engaging real world scenarios. Clients can able to rotate, spin, zoom and interact with virtual subjects. Our 3D interactive applications are unique and photo realistic. Stunning 3D visuals will attract more customers in their first look.

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