Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive communication of a real-world environment, whose elements are "augmented" by computer-generated implicit data. Implementation of AR & VR products in security, automotive, and consumer electronics is predicted to increase the usage of the Overall AR & VR market over the next five years. In addition to this, an increase in the numbers of consumer electronic applications are extending their choice of AR & VR products. Projection based AR functions by propelling simulated light over an original surface. This application allows human interaction by sending light onto a real-world surface and then sensing the human interaction (touch) of that projected light. An exciting employment of projection-based AR is the practice of laser plasma mechanization to pitch the 3D interactive hologram into mid-air. Superimposition based AR is either partly or fully replace the original illustration of a subject with a newly augmented appearance of that same subject. By downloading an app and scanning the chosen page in their printed catalog, users can seat virtual furniture in their own living space with the deployment of augmented reality.

Augmented Reality solutions may typically be used to drive sales by rendering exceptional visual marketing and interaction tools. Attain an astonishing dimension fusing catalog or brochure, and let your customers experience your products in a presence never seen earlier.

With Augmented Reality, you may reach an immense market with a sharp message in no time. At the same time, you may swiftly and effortlessly gain awareness about user interactions. The potential with Augmented Reality is infinite and may be efficiently linked with social media and user statistics.

If you wish to augment your information for your clients, we have the means to do so. Improving or augmenting can be done to make your product or report literally "bounces" out of your tablet or smartphone. Be it new structures or devices to be developed. We will make your products nearer to your clients and even arrange them live on real scale models within the existing ambiance.

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